Training and Papers | Thermography courses

IMC Service & ITC Infrared Training Center

IMC Service as regional partner of ITC, training division of FLIR Systems, organizes specific courses on thermography, which also provide for the issuance of first or second level certification.

Basic thermography courses

Basic training aims to depict a clear idea of what thermography can be used for, what are the theoretical bases and what’s the difference between photography and thermography. Moreover it introduces the apprentice to the use of the thermal camera and the analysis software.

Advanced thermography courses

The aim of advanced thermography courses is to provide a deeper knowledge, starting from the creation of a solid background and then following a training program suitable for professionals who want to work with thermography.

Tutoring programs

In accordance with the needs of the clients and of industrial plants, IMC Service technicians provide a tutoring program for the customer’s personnel, helping in the planning of thermographic inspections and sharing their know-how acquired in over 10 years of experience in thermographic supervision of industrial plants.

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