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Analisi e Ispezioni

Thanks to the latest technologies, IMC Service provides a wide range of inspections for different fields. Technicians specialized in thermography, spectrographic analyses, ultrasonic and videoscope inspections and other advanced instrumentation, guarantee a strong expertise and high quality of our services.

In addition, our two zeppelins and a modern drone allow to perform aerial inspections.


  • Non destructive analyses of industrial components, such as furnaces and refractories, refineries and foundries chimneys, engines, gas turbines, power generators, storage facilities, equipment for welding, etc.
  • Thermographic internal analyses of operating furnaces by means of specific equipment required for mapping the temperature distribution within the product lines, for sediments detection, etc.
  • Predictive analyses of mechanical and electrical plants (electrical panels, transformers, connectors, etc.)
  • Spectrographic analyses of varnish of hydrocarbons storage tanks
  • Aerial analyses of flares and ducts


  • Analyses and supervision of buildings state and checks of their conditions before and after improvements followed by final report and certification
  • Monitoring of thermal dissipation through structural elements and analysis, by means of specialized software, of critical elements requiring renovation and optimization
  • Thermographic inspections of plumbing systems for the detection of possible leaks of water or other liquids (public infrastructures, condominiums, irrigation or sewage systems)
  • Thermographic analyses for the detection and the supervision of thermal bridges
  • Analyses of physical parameters for the detection of environmental anomalies within confined spaces, which can cause alterations in the comfort level (imbalances of temperature, excessive moisture, molds, etc.)


  • Efficiency supervision of water distribution plants and dams
  • Landfills monitoring
  • Aerial video inspections

Analisi e Ispezioni

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