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Reliability is the term that best defines the result of our continuous effort in the design and creation of thermal imaging systems. Our tailor-made thermographic systems take advantage of the integration of the knowledge acquired in different fields by our team of engineers and technicians and represent strongly advanced, efficient and reliable solutions.

Whenever specific requirements related to safety, control or process analysis needs arise, automated thermography today represents the perfect answer to a wide range of technological applications. Whether it is used for in- or post-production control or surveillance aimed at monitoring entire plants or environments with high risk factors, the analysis of temperature distribution helps identify variations and anomalies in short time.

Our integrated systems can really make the difference, meeting all the most important requirements and monitoring standards and being able to work in the presence of extreme environmental conditions. Pressurized explosion-proof enclosures, high-resolution cameras and intelligent software with custom alarms guarantee the best level of safety, accuracy and reliability for every system.

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