Manage them with STMM®

STMM is the web-based software for the management of steam traps.The application is intended both for production/technical managers, who can easily check consumption and costs related to steam traps, and for maintenance technicians, who can quickly extrapolate the most critical tasks and check the monitoring activities by means of dedicated tools for interventions management.

December 10, 2020 Salvo Zummo

Can be used either through the Internet or the company intranet

Data is stored on relational databases ensuring robustness and speed of storage

Each sheet contains all technical data, analysis of losses and estimation of total energy costs.

Everything needed to build up historical trends on losses and investments, made and planned.


Thermography and ultrasound checks (together with tools for interventions management, installation drawings and on map localization) provide the user with the ideal set of resources: they allow to perform the most rapid identification and assessment of position, structure and operation state of each individual item.

The use of graphs and overview tables, automatically generated on the basis of specific search filters, guarantees an excellent tool for the immediate feedback on efficiency and energy cost of the components. The historical analysis completes the set of available tools by showing the trend of the main parameters (energy costs / investments) over different periods.

The TOOL for steam-traps maintenance program

In addition to control functions, STMM has been designed to support maintenance activities, through:

  • Detailed lists of maintenance activities sorted by different priority levels
  • Cost analysis and evaluation of actions to be planned
  • Technical database of installed products with related data sheets
  • Interface for fast loading via tablet

STMM in action