Thermal imaging camera support

We support our customers in the management of all service activities necessary for the correct maintenance of thermal imaging cameras, offering, thanks to our laboratory, the possibility to verify the calibration of thermal imaging cameras by comparing them with ACCREDIA certified instruments.

Thermal imaging camera support
October 10, 2020 Salvo Zummo

Thermal imaging cameras ALWAYS under control

Fast and accurate, our support service includes:

  • Support in dealing with the manufacturer of the instruments for any recalibration and/or repair activities;
  • Verification of thermal alignment, for the specified temperature range and optics on the specified and/or required number of points;
  • Comparison with ACCREDIA certified instrumentation;
  • General operating status check;
  • Pulizia del mirino/schermo e controllo dell’ottica;
  • Firmware check and possible update (for Teledyne FLIR instruments only and if allowed from the manufacturer);
  • Production of the control report with updating of the label attached to the machine body.