As a regional partner of ITC, the training division of Teledyne FLIR Systems, we offer and organise short or certified 1st and 2nd level courses, which can be complemented by additional customised training sessions.


Short, advanced or specialised, our courses are designed for you.

  • One-day courses
  • Advanced courses with the possibility to take the exam for certification in thermography level 2 ISO9712;
  • One- or two-day specialisation courses for those who have already participated in the basic training.

Base courses

  • Introduction of thermography
  • Thermography of buildings
  • Electrical and industrial thermography
  • HVAC inspection
  • Thermography in solar panel inspection
  • Use of Teledyne FLIR software
  • Aerial thermography

Certified courses

  • ITC course level 1
  • ITC course level 2
  • ITC course level 3
  • Level 2 course DIN EN ISO 9712

Specialization courses

  • Professional building inspection
  • Professional industrial inspection
  • Professional furnaces inspection
  • Using OGI cameras for gas leak detection
  • Teledyne FLIR industrial research and development measurements
  • Teledyne FLIR advanced research and development measurements


We offer all our customers the opportunity to get a close look at how to plan a thermographic inspection, with our specialised technicians working alongside them in the field.
This expertise is the result of a training proposal that ranges from simple accompaniment to filming, through to the creation of an inspection plan with the creation of basic archives according to the different applications to be monitored.