Thermographic inspections

Years of experience, applications in the field of predictive analysis and certifications by the most important certification bodies in the sector, make us today the leading company in specialised thermographic testing.

Thermographic inspections
December 10, 2020 Salvo Zummo

Industrial area

  • Thermographic analysis inside working industrial furnaces , with specific thermal cameras for mapping temperature distribution on product lines, sediment detection;
  • Predictive analysis of mechanical and electrical components such as insulated furnaces, condensate drains, electrical panels, transformers, connectors;
  • Analysis of steam and condensate systems.

Enviromental area

  • Search for VOC leaks in the environment for both environmental protection and explosion safety;
  • Monitoring the efficiency of water distribution systems and dams, including aerial inspections using drones;
  • Zootechnical and veterinary inspections;
  • Monitoring of landfills and environments suspected of land and coastal pollution.

Civil area

  • Analysis and monitoring of the state of the buildings, verification of the structures before and after the improvement works with production of reports and final certification;
  • Thermographic inspections of plumbing systems to search for water or liquid leaks underground (leaks in public infrastructures, leaks in apartment buildings, leaks in irrigation or sewage systems).

Some example

Cabinets and electrical installations


and overhead lines

Photovoltaic installations

and refractories

Building analysis

Sea pollution

Optical search
for gas leaks

Battery packs


Level analysis
in tanks

Pipeline analysis

Analysis of
steam plants

analysis of cold rooms

Furnaces analysis

Flame checks in
refinery flares