Steam, condensate and gas systems

“Our specialisation in energy analysis for industrial efficiency and diagnostics allows us to offer solutions aimed at recovering costs and energy from technical gas leaks in the atmosphere.
Using non-invasive research systems such as OGI thermal imaging cameras and AIRBORNE ultrasonic technology, we search for and locate leaks in pipes, plants and gas transport systems.”

Steam, condensate and gas systems
November 10, 2020 Salvo Zummo


Compressed air costs money! It is estimated that on average more than 30% of energy consumption can be avoided simply by repairing leaks.

Thanks to AIRBORNE technology, this is possible:

  • Reduce the operating hours of existing equipment and consequently its wear and tear
  • Reducing the costs and environmental impact of Specialty Gases
  • Achieve better production efficiency by keeping vacuum lines at desired levels
  • Improving inspection efficiency and inspector safety through flammable gas monitoring
  • Making refrigeration system inspections more efficient by detecting ‘major leaks’ through a combination of ultrasound and gas detectors for small leak levels
  • Avoid the use of ladders or lifts, thanks to long-range (15 m) detection by Ultraprobe.

Steam and condense pipelines analisys

Thanks to our experience in the study of steam installations, we have created Global Service, the turnkey solution that allows us to accompany our customers from diagnosis to maintenance.

Thanks to this service we can help the work of technicians and production companies, reduce the coordination of the various companies for maintenance activities, achieve greater efficiency of the maintenance service and a constant presence of specialised maintenance personnel.